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 Your Apartment Stay in Edinburg TX!

Corporate Housing in Edinburg TX

If you are looking for an Aparments in Edinburg TX, or the surrounding areas, and want to experience the “home away from home” that our guests recommend to their friends, family, and coworkers? Texas Ranch Apartment is the one to call!

Texan Ranch Apartment is your Apartments in Edinburg TX!

We want your stay, in our luxury apartment, to be the best experience possible, so we take pride in making sure even the smallest detail is taken care of.

Look at some of what we have to offer…

  • Year round heated pool and spa? Check!
  • Family style dining room with a big bell we ring to summon our guests to the tables? Yup!
  • State of the art workout barn (gym) in a premier Rio Grande Valley hotel? You got it!

Free wi-fi in every single unit, fully equipped kitchens, on site laundry facilities, and personalized voice mail with the phone in each room? And so much more!

The Texan Ranch Apartments is more than just any old Apartment stay in Edinburg, TX: we are a Rio Grande Valley Home that brings the charm and southern hospitality which you would expect with over 85 years in operation!

When it comes to places to stay in Edinburg, TX you have a few decisions to make:

  1. Do you want a home away from home feel during your stay in the Rio Grande Valley, hosted by folks that treat our guest like family?
  2. Are you looking for the finest amenities in a stay in Edinburg, Texas but also a great rate to allow you to spend more on the amazing local attractions?
  3. Do you want a relaxing place to hang your hat after a long day of local golf, shopping, or exploring the area and all it has to offer?
  4. Are you looking to experience southern hospitality at its best?

If your answer is yes to any or all of the above then Texan Ranch Apartments is the stay in Edinburg, TX for you!



What We Do and Why We Do It

 The Texan Ranch Apartments, are premier apartments in Edinburg TX, has a long tradition of southern hospitality, dating back to the 1920’s, where folks from the midwest and other areas were brought by the trainload to visit and purchase a piece of Texas heaven.

And though the Texan Ranch Apartments has changed ownership a few times since then, one thing has been consistent through all of that time: a home away from home experience while visiting the Rio Grande Valley area!